Our Mission Statement

To provide applied behavior analysis (ABA) clinics offering elite evidence-based treatment

To support individuals in developing optimal potential and independence

To support the spectrum community through continued research and application of elite evidence-based treatment

To promote community participation and feedback for optimal outcome measures

What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the study of the functional relationship between the patient’s behaviors and their environment. Data is collected on the stimuli that elicits, increases, decreases, or maintains the patient’s behavior. The data is analyzed and a treatment plan or an individualized ABA program is created for optimal treatment effectiveness.

The goal of a behavior analyst is to utilize behavioral contingencies to increase the patient’s functional skills, which will replace unwanted maladaptive behaviors to improve quality of life. PLT seeks to enable the patient to adapt to their environment thus preparing them for a brighter future.

How can it help my child?

Studies have shown children who receive a minimum of 20 hours a week of intensive ABA treatment show greater improvements in skill acquisition and functional development in all areas when compared to similar children who do not participate in intensive ABA treatment. Parents and families who participate in ABA treatment often report less familial stress and an overall improvement in quality of life for their child and the family.

Starting intensive ABA training at an early age may increase skill acquisition and development in all areas of functional independence, including social awareness, play, academic acquisition, improved communication, and daily living skills.



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